All The Benefits You’d Expect, Plus So Much More

AgPack gives you access to many great benefits and lets you keep the ones you already have.


Michigan farmers support not only the people and economy of Michigan, but also that of the entire country. At Monroe Superstore, we want to help you do that better and save money in the process. That’s why we put in the work to become your Ram Certified Agriculture Dealership. This means we can offer you the Ram AgPack including: Powered by Farm Credit, AgDirect financing, rebates on Titan and Goodyear Farm tire products, discounts on Rhino Ag products, rebates from NK Seed, money toward AgroLiquid Crop Nutrition products, money toward a new Reinke irrigation system or parts for your existing Reinke system, discounts on Gallagher livestock products, a rebate on Knapheide bodies for your truck and more.


Great Benefits Without Giving Anything Up

All too often, when you receive one benefit it negates other benefits you may already have or qualify for. This is especially true if either of those benefits includes a discount or rebate of some sort. Well, with Ram AgPack from Monroe Superstore, your Ram Certified Agriculture dealership, you can get all the benefits of Ram AgPack without giving up discounts, rebates, and other incentives. With available FCA employee discounts, BusinessLink (a group of benefits for business owners from Ram dealers), and many other programs, Ram AgPack allows you access to all the benefits included in that package, without giving up the incentives and discounts you may also be eligible for.


Monroe Superstore Has You Covered

Monroe Superstore is your Ram Certified Agriculture dealership. Whether you need a truck to haul hay or tow a horse trailer, we have the truck for you. Whatever you need in a truck, we’ve got it. And with AgDirect financing, we have a financing plan that fits your life and your business. Contact us for more information about AgDirect or the many Ram options available.