A woman paring her iPhone to her Dodge vehicle

How to pair your iPhone to Dodge Bluetooth® and Uconnect®

How to Connect an iPhone to Dodge Bluetooth and Uconnect®? 

Staying in touch with your world while on the road just got a whole lot easier thanks to the intuitive and high-tech system now available in all Dodge vehicles. Whether you choose the Dodge Journey, Dodge Durango, Dodge Grand Caravan, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger or any of the powerful Ram pickup trucks, you’ll have the option of choosing the available Uconnect® system. This innovative system allows you to connect your smartphone to Uconnect® and use the touchscreen to access select apps and features on your smartphone. It can also connect your iPhone to the available Bluetooth® so, you can make hands-free calls, send destinations from your smartphone directly to your Dodge vehicle’s available navigation system and much more. Keep reading to learn how to connect an iPhone to the Dodge Uconnect® system and Bluetooth®. 

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Instructions for Paring your iPhone to Dodge Uconnect® and Bluetooth® 

An iPhone being paired to Apple CarPlay on a Dodge vehicleTo experience the connected car platform that’s built into your Dodge vehicle, follow the instructions below. The award-winning Uconnect® system is always getting better and evolving to help give you exactly what you want and need when it comes to security, safety and information. 

Uconnect Bluetooth Quick Paring Guide 

  1. Press the Phone icon on your Uconnect® touchscreen.
  2. Press Yes 
  3. Next, go to your phone’s Settings or Options in Bluetooth® and search for wireless networks. 
  4. Then, select Uconnect as the device to pair. 
  5. When prompted on your iPhone, enter the four-digit PIN number that appears on the Uconnect® touchscreen and then press accept. 
  6. Once your phone is paired, you can then set your phone as the favorite on the Uconnect® system by pressing Yes. 
  7. Your phone is now connected and ready for hands-free calling. 
  8. To use while driving, simply press the Uconnect® phone button you’re your Dodge vehicle’s steering wheel.

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